Cup- Lock System

J.K SCAFFOLDING had the most sophisticated and rugged products of Scaffolding Cup – lock in India, Which are made of the fine raw material obtained from premium vendors. We have a complete range of Cup – lock Systems available at different dimensions, sizes and specification. We also provide customized products based on the requirement of the client. We have the most reliable and durable range of cup – lock systems with top class quality. The Cup – lock systems we provide are available for wholesale supply to our customers throughout the market. The different range of cup – lock systems manufactured by us are:

Cup – Lock Vertical:
Verticals are provided with Cup Joints welded at 500mm intervals.
Captive mobile top cups are forged to withstand rough handling at site.
Bottom Cups are pressed with high Quality Steel.
Ends are provided with 150mm long spigot for continuous connections.
Verticals are ISO tested MS tubes 40mm medium/heavy outer dia 48.3mm
Name Size
Vertical 3
Vertical 2.5
Vertical 2
Vertical 1.8
Vertical 1.5
Vertical 1.2
Vertical 1
Vertical 0.9
Vertical 0.5
Standards: sizes 0.5 mtr, 1mtr, 1.5mtr, 2mtr, 2.5mtr, 3mtr
Ledgers: sizes 870 mm, 950 mm, 1.5 mtr, 2 mtr
Technical Details
Rigid construction
Low maintenance cost
Excellent performance

Cup – Lock Vertical:
Made out of 40MM NB is tested medium/heavy class tubes (48.3mm O.D).
Ledgers/Horizontals have similar forged blade ends.
Four horizontals to be fixed in Single operation.
Ends are provided with 150mm long spigot for continuous connections.
To fix Top Cup only a hammer is required.
Name Size
Horizontal 0.9
Horizontal 1
Horizontal 1.25
Horizontal 1.5
Horizontal 1.8
Horizontal 2
Vertical 2.5